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Join one of the most innovative film foundations in the world. Campfire is a hybrid film festival / distribution channel into schools where you can earn money for your short film. If your film is approx. 10mins or less and generates discussion about life issues, there's a good chance it belongs here.

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Campfire Film Festival 2014

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Campfire provides schools access to an online library of high quality short films that help introduce difficult topics and spark discussions about meaningful issues. Curriculum themes include Aboriginal Perspectives, Media, Religion and Society. Register for free and learn how you can join our community of inspirational teachers making an impact on their students.

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Pastoral care and wellbeing, Middle-upper secondary

Research consistently shows that connectedness and a sense of belonging are at the centre of a healthy school learning environment [1]. But we’re not all trained counselors. Neither do we have the insight to always determine the true issues beneath the surface of what students present. So how can we, as teachers, foster better connection and belonging at school? How can we be better equipped to deal with issues of grief, loss, depression and abuse in its various forms? One way is to use the gift of short film art to become better in...

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One of the most recurring themes explored in the study of English is Identity and Belonging. Here we present five very different films which provide a rich starting point. Stay tuned for further background on this.